2015 Neon Registration Full

Greetings All –

We are currently booked with teams for 2015 Neon but are accepting names for subs.   Email us at: nutmegneon@gmail.com

The Nutmeg Neon Junior Bonspiel will begin on Friday, February 20, 2015 and run through Sunday, February 22, 2015.  Game times will be scheduled and posted shortly.

All information for the 2015 Nutmeg Neon Junior Bonspiel can be found here on our dedicated website.

Nutmeg Curling Club is a 3 sheet club and we must limit this event to 16 teams if we want to get all participants playing the required amount of games.  Friday night games will be 6 ends and the first sessions will be starting around 4pm.  Saturday games will also be 6 end games in order for us to prepare the club for curl in the dark sessions.  Sunday games (finals) will be 8 end games.

We need your registration fee ($40 per Curler / $160 per team) submitted to us as soon as possible.  The waivers (2015 Waiver/Release) should be mailed back with your registration fee as they are attached to this email.  Email us for “snail-mail” address.

Take a look at our website for up to date information.  If you need a question answered that we didn’t think of feel fee to email us at nutmegneon@gmail.com

Look forward to seeing you at Nutmeg.  Good Curling.

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Curling In The Dark Information

Curling in the dark is slated to begin around 6:30pm.

Glow In The Dark Team Assignments Will Be Posted Here:

There will be 3 curl in the dark sessions.  You will be assigned your session based on your record during play in the bonspiel.  Our goal is to not have anyone spend to many hours on the ice in a row nor curl during the last session and have to be back at the club first thing on Sunday morning to have to play in a game.

Each curl in the dark will last approx. 60 minutes.   The scoring scenario’s may be simple and then again may be something totally different.  You wont know how to score the end till after all rocks have been thrown and then how to score is drawn out of a hat at random.

Each team will be issued raffle tickets during the curl in the dark competition.  The team with the most tickets will then choose raffle prizes based on his / her amount of tickets.

1 ticket to participate (each team member) / 1 ticket if you win the end (each team member) or you could win an individual ticket for something totally out of the ordinary.

Some of the Nutmeg Junior Curlers May End Up Playing In The Last Curl In The Dark Draw……  Why?   Cause They Get To Help Clean Up After!     Again, your teams draw for curling in the dark will be assigned based on your Fri & Sat’s game results

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What Is A Neon Bonspiel??

The Neon Junior Bonspiel is something different if you have not attended or heard what it’s all about. 

The Friday evening, Saturday day and Sunday day competitions are similar to any other junior bonspiel you may have participated in.  Saturday night brings on a whole different scene.  The lights on the ice are turned off, the windows are covered and everyone is given multiple glowing light sticks. Glow in the dark necklaces, bracelets, lightsticks are attached to the rocks, your broom, the hog lines and your person. Flashing “strobe” lights are attached to the walls too. How you “decorate” yourself and your broom is entirely up to you. Each team then competes in games with different scoring scenarios for each end…. in the dark…..
Again this year – we have painted the houses with black light ice paint. The ends of the sheets will have black lights illuminating them for even more exciting glow in the dark fun.

See our photos from past Neon Junior Bonspiels on this website for an idea of what the “Neon Effect” looks like, if you can see it!!

This Bonspiel is a “funspiel” and while competitive – it’s real purpose is to introduce newer junior curlers to the sport. The wish of the organizers of this event is to further promote the sport among our juniors and let them have a more enjoyable curling experience.

We hope you agree!

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